Veress is doing because of a guesthouse’s 2011 august the to rest desiring his provision. The guesthouse in the urban beach’s and spa’s, campings direct vicinity can be found.
Our guesthouse is suitable for the reception of two cars with garage takes action.
On 110 square metres 4 rooms can be found. Our rooms 2-4 room.
An independent bathroom equipped with a shower closet and a kitchen belong to all rooms.
12 heads are our maximum recipient abilities.
To all rooms cable TV, WiFi internet assured.
The kitchens are well-equipped. What he may need finds everything (refrigerator, micro, four de sandwitch, rustproof pots, cooktop, plates, cutleries, glasses)
A food store operates besides our guesthouse.
Let us have the gues and let him spend pleasant days in Hajdúböszörmény and on its neighbourhood.